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All Grooming Department soaps are Janus vegan based and either new or used just once. The elan tub is an added freebie and has some good shaves left in it, this is also the previous vegan base. Pre and post shaves both light use and beautiful performers.

Scents include-

Elan - Juniper berry pine and wood , beautiful scent!
Voyage - Soft clean floral forward scent
Valencia (orange citrus)
Soap (fougere) that smells of classic soap
Barbershop , the epitome of a classic Italian barbershop scent , the best interpretation I have ever come across , matches the soap base so well , honestly my favorite singular soap I have ever owned.

Razorock GC .84 , imo the best razor in the business , presents as you would receive it new. Absolute wonderful shaver! Also included is a leather case and a Ikon bulldog matte finish handle.

A nice assortment of high end DE blades , a few hundred in total.

Wolf Whiskers / Maggard super high density 26mm two band , light use , the best knots in the business right now in my opinion. Wonderful peacock pearlescent swirl pattern. True gel tip type two band hair with the silky gel hooking when wet and the crisp dry clumping. 

New these items all retail for a total around $400

Yours shipped for $200

Anyone interested in any singular items please contact me via PM.

I would like to keep this sale limited to the continental US region if possible.

[Image: 4Tnd45x.jpg]
[Image: Aqc8zuL.jpg]
[Image: brBIzDD.jpg]
[Image: IOzdUAn.jpg]

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