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Major News Stories I Remember

First, let me start with a story that I did not witness. However, this story will lay the groundwork for my story. Jewish immigrants were devoted to the Roosevelt family. Starting in the 1800s with Theodore Roosevelt and culminating with Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1900s. Theodore Roosevelt was a strong proponent of breastfeeding. He often preached the benefits of breastfeeding and scoffed at the Victorians who opposed it. Once he appeared in a motorcade that passed through the Lower East Side of New York. The streets were full of observant immigrant Jews. Normally, this population tends to be extremely modest in their behaviors. However, on this occasion, to show their respect for the president and his beliefs. Many of the women were seen to be breastfeeding as he passed.
The second story occurred when I was very young. My brother told me I was asleep in my crib on a Sunday evening. David, as a special treat, was allowed to stay up late to listen to Jack Benny on the radio. However, the show was constantly being interrupted by news bulletins. David was upset by the constant interruptions and wanted to hear Jack Benny. Our parents kept telling David not to be upset the interruptions were important. It seemed the Japanese had just bombed Pearl Harbor.
Finally, I remember my first major news story. As you might remember I grew up in a predominately, working-class Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn. People in my neighborhood were Democrats and firm supporters of the Roosevelts. One day, I was outside playing on Eastern Parkway. I noticed two women sitting on a bench crying. I decided to go back home to tell my mother about this strange occurrence I had just witnessed. I crossed a small street and noticed a man sitting in a car listening to the car radio. He too was crying. Now I was really upset. I had never seen a man cry before then. I ran upstairs to our apartment and there was my mother sitting in a chair sobbing uncontrollably. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had just passed away. A heaviness of grief descended on our neighborhood. The sorrow was actually palpable. I remember for days they kept playing "Home on The Range" on the radio. That song was FDR's favorite. Finally, on the day of his funeral, it poured in Brooklyn I remember my mother saying the rain was G-ds tears for the President. Many years later John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Sadness again came over the country. However, no matter how much the country grieved for Kennedy it was still nowhere as intense as The grief on Eastern Parkway for FDR.

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When broadcasting announced FDR’s death or when television announced JFK‘s death, the music they played afterwards was Adagio for Strings by Barber.


This may bring you the mood of the mourning man in the car and a wonderful piece of music.

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