07-16-2019, 05:30 AM
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As much as u do enjoy these brushes, there are just things out there I want more. Neither have any issues and both have boxes. 

Trades are possible, but really only interested in 28mm+ M&F, BBSW, and Paladin. 

Prices include CONUS shipping.

BSSW 28mm; what I call the "Jolly Green Giant". Gorgeously soft fan knot with excellent flow through. New approx. $165-$185
*ASKING $120*
[Image: fP8deTi.jpg]

M&F 26mm Blonde "The Gonzo
Created as a custom, I can't find anyone with something like it. Fits beautifully in the hand and one of the softest Blonde knots I've owned. Originally $220 on the sales receipt.
*ASKING $160*
[Image: FFxQJA4.jpg]

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