08-04-2019, 01:39 PM
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All brushes listed are NIB and have not seen water.  I am the original owner and purchased multiples in hopes that two members of my family would be using a brush and soap for their wet shaving experience.  However, my plan never came to fruition.  So, it's time to bring these out of storage and offer them at the original purchase price.  All brushes have a 23mm knot and a 47mm handle.  I have posted the Loft measurement with brush photo. Payment is via PayPal and shipping is CONUS.  No trade offers please.

Ebony Beehive in Pure Badger - Loft 50mm  TSN LE #85 & #86  Both brushes are SOLD  There are two brushes offered at $45 each.

[Image: ELKHsf0.jpg]

[Image: oQwstrf.jpg]

[Image: sIhQMFo.jpg]

Ivory Beehive in Silver Tip Extra D01 - Loft 50mm    TSN LE #42    The brush is offered at $100

[Image: BJ2tv8k.jpg]

[Image: x66Ur6d.jpg]

Ebony Beehive in Silver Tip Extra D01 - Loft 50mm    TSN LE #43  The brush is offered at $100  SOLD
[Image: iEWFl8L.jpg]

[Image: knqxBHZ.jpg]
White Beehive in Silvertip D01 2-band     Loft 47mm    TSN LE #44  The brush is offered at $116

[Image: VU7dtPs.jpg]

[Image: e5znpLW.jpg]

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 08-06-2019, 09:16 AM
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Lovely brushes, you have fine tastes.

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 08-06-2019, 05:08 PM
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old school

"Lovely brushes, you have fine tastes."

Thank you

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 08-06-2019, 05:16 PM
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A quick update:  The Ebony Beehives in Pure #85 and #86 are sold.  The Ebony Beehive in Silver Tip #43 is sold.  Thanks to these buyers and TSN.

The Ivory and White Beehives remain.

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