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[Image: 3lMVOWa.jpg][Image: 9O1DImf.jpg]

Please PM your interest and I will get back to you quickly as possible. First PM on a particular item will govern unless interest in multiple items.Thank you for looking.

Razors: All include  shipping CONUS and cost elsewhere.

1.   ERFA Adjustable razor from East Germany!!!! These are very hard to find and are seldom found in an adjustable collection. They shave great. This one opens like a Gillette twist to open. Nicely made and better looking that the more brutish two razors that follow. The adjustment is 0 to 3. Coated metal. Outstanding condition. $55.00
2.   ERFA Adjustable razor again from the DDR. (East Germany) This is more like something you would expect from the DDR. This opens and adjusts like a Merkur Progress. Actually a very nice shave.  $55.00
3.   ERFA Adjustable. The last and most sophisticated of the DDR Progress-like adjustable razors. The adjustments are marked 0, X, + and ^ to make it unique. Smooth operating and smooth shaving. Little used.  $55.00
4.   Razorock Titanium Baby Smooth. They are $125 new. This is $85.00  and seldom used.   SOLD
5.   Gillette gold was 52A Coronation set razor. All aluminum and weighs in at 29 Gr. Hard razor to find. Made in England. $65.00
6.   Gillette Monobloc Rocket HD 500 II. Made in England. $55.00  SOLD
7.   Feather AS-D2 and an AS-D1 head included. Mild shave but very nice with the proper technique. So you get both Feather heads with a Feather handle. Lightly used.. They are $185.00 or so new. This is $125.00 and includes the D2 box. Sold
8.   Gillette 77 2 piece open comb from the 1930's. Made in England. User grade. One of the best shaving razors of all time. I have 2 so sharing this. $75.00  SOLD
9.   Phoenix Accoutrement Double Open Comb. Satin finish. A copy of the vintage nice shaving Shave King. $25.00. I think I have the box.
10.  Standard Aluminum razor. $40.00
\11.  Above The Tie all aluminum Calypso head razor. The M-1 .25 gap Mild. $55.00
 12.  Rotbart #15 2 piece razor. Silver plated. Made in Germ,any. By mid-Thirties Rotbart was owned by Gillette and this shaves like a closed comb New. Great shaver. Heavy. Includes the red leather case. $65.00  SOLD
 13.  Shapeways 3D printed slant razor. Unusual razor but nice shaving. $15.00 also includes the red #14 3D printed Tech type razor. Sold
 15.  Colonial Razor General head. An aluminum single edge razor. One of the first. and a terrific smooth shave. Head only. $30.00 This will also include the German slant head #17 in the picture. SOLD
 16.  Maggard slant head. Gray. $15.00
 18.  Gillette New open comb  head made in the 1930's. Made in England $35.00  SOLD
 19.  Gillette  New open comb head made in the 1930's. Made in England. $35.00  SOLD

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How much for the Rothbart?

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