08-24-2019, 06:40 AM
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Hi gent's

I was wondering if some of you have both of these version from APR?

I already have the Fresca and I like it a lot! I was curious to know if the Fresca Intensa is just a more "intense" version of the Fresca or if it is different enough to be consider another scent? I read somewhere that the Fresca Intensa is in the clone family of the AdP one, which I doubt.

Someone can confirm this?

And if it's a more "intense" version of the Fresca, do you think it is worth it to have both?

Thanks for your answer!

Btw, I know that the soap from the Intensa version is from Storybook soapworks.

Edit : Never tried the Storybook Soapworks before. What can I expect as far as performance goes?

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