08-25-2019, 01:19 PM
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I recently started turning my own custom handles. I’m not nearly as good as the amazing artisan brush makers out there, but it’s been a fun hobby to learn.

These are 3 brushes I recently made. All feature 26mm Synthetic knots that I silicon glued in. You could probably remove the knots with a little effort and replace them with badger or whatever.

I would like to sell all 3 of these brushes for $99 and donate the full $99 to Seattle Children’s Hospital. I will immediately provide you donation receipt showing thats where the money went.


[Image: 9d2caf32b3eea17005a0fa7e547de3de.jpg][Image: dd21375e97db1b23240a00fc125762ef.jpg][Image: c62cbe72b9927451fe5dcff45acdb561.jpg][Image: 03e1059247f45d626e7ffdf9cfc5307c.jpg][Image: 9185b0f8625003ea00800f6ea19f7f06.jpg][Image: 6d19b359f148eade8e73a97939f01c7b.jpg][Image: 6c38d47a3454f40a79b13fe5f496adc7.jpg][Image: e18234f05fb4de0e2e04a26a57a7c69e.jpg][Image: eab3d2923d27e58c3a4ff242be2175fa.jpg]

[Image: 27fff137f3ffe77af3b1aae5348b67fc.jpg][Image: 7d91b3adaf2ba79ece7274965a4d763b.jpg][Image: 7763feb2e0b08631fab83309a19aec90.jpg][Image: 2996008d6b3ba75c9ab2b6c504a3081c.jpg][Image: a549a2b083150249f38374104491c67c.jpg]

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 08-25-2019, 01:21 PM
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A very thoughtful thing to do.  I did my pediatric residency at Seattle Children's, and I remember well the patients (some from out of state) who were given free care there because they could not afford to pay.

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 08-25-2019, 01:36 PM
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Thank you to the generous Buyer!

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