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I believe that a discussion on emergency interventions is useful to all those who begin this fascinating journey.

At the beginning of my experience with straight razors, especially with the very first Sanguine R2 Cool Blade Pink shavette, I often used my first aid kit.
Along the way, thanks to the Forum ilRasoio and the ingenuity of many of the users, I updated it to the current configuration that I believe will be definitive in the plant ... even if subject to evolutions of the individual components.

The Kit:
Haemostatic • Pure Cellulose toilet paper torn by hand or TNT gauzes (small abrasions), Aluminum Blood Sulfate Stick Stopper (medium abrasions), Stop Hemo gauze (replaces the old Hemostatic Cotton, for light bleeding), Stop Hemo gauze soaked in Antihemorrhagic (Ugurol or Tranex, due to marked bleedings).
Astringent • Rocca alum (alias of Potassium), solution H.G.A. of my production
Soothing and Decongestant • Hoffmann or Cliaxin Spray, Ice, Iced Rose Water
Restructuring • Pure Shea Butter, VEA Spray
Aftershave • Edelstein Evolution ICE (in freezer)

Depending on the extent of the problem, the solution is to apply one or more products of the specified categories that work synergistically in succession.
On average, my situation is to have a strong inflammation of the epidermis with some bleeding dots, so:
1. Apply the blood-stop stick and immediately above a small piece of TNT gauze until the haemostasis is stable, in a few minutes.
Then remove with cold water rinse
2. Apply a generous splash of Alum solution (H.G.A. Alum Lotion by Dr IschiaPP) and massage very gently so as not to reactivate bleeding.
3. When the skin is dry spray the Cliaxin Spray on the hands and I distribute it with the same massage on the whole face, with particular attention to the reddened areas.
Within a few seconds the product is dry and also acts as a barrier. I let him act in the meantime that I put in order all the necessary to the ritual.
4. First step of a pure ice cube to clean the substances applied to the skin and start the cold therapy
5. Second passage of an ice cube of Acqua di Rosa which in the cold associates its decongesting characteristics.
6. When it is dry, without rinsing, I gently apply a light layer of Shea Butter which I have softened in my hands by spreading it.
7. To finish, I eliminate the greasy finish replacing it with a dry and pleasantly ice-cold Edelstein Evolution ICE sprayed directly from the freezer ... it's so alcoholic that it doesn't freeze!

I saved an hour of time, wisely investing a few minutes, to have a perfectly toned, perfectly smooth and healthy skin ... without anyone knowing what just happened. Wink
And since an image is worth a thousand words:

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