08-30-2019, 07:14 AM
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Good day, TSN. Today I have some software up for sale or trade.

I prefer to sell, but for trades, I’m looking for:
- Barrister and Mann - Night Music soap
- Grooming Department - Laundry soap
- Catie’s Bubbles - Bluegere set

Willing to part with multiple items for one of those. If no trades, sale prices listed below.

Barrister and Mann - Reserve Cool set
Used 4-5x (AS level shown). Retail: $37.98. Yours - $24

[Image: 7b9e21c9d8f4ee29766bdbd8fac05af8.jpg]
[Image: 7f8b038b07be2e250d3453d10a1868fd.jpg]
[Image: 353041531a7e6c7764dc7786ed170d1b.jpg]

Grooming Department - Coattails Redux soap (Lusso  + Jersey Cow Milk Base, Limited Edition #20/103)
Used 2x. Retail: $26. Yours - $18

[Image: cefa0c5442674441d5070d29fe816b30.jpg]
[Image: e1d936e3c515b4bd421cd07dc2e878fa.jpg]

Prices are shipped CONUS. Please feel free to message with any questions. Thank you.

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