Yesterday, 05:47 AM
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A little package arrived... nothing too exciting. 
Capucci L'Homme Suave is a Dior Sauvage clone. The Floid will join my Mentolado Vigoroso. 

[Image: IbIfkOa.jpg]

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 Yesterday, 07:50 AM
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Also arrived today: a NOS (or at least "as new") Matador Razette razor.
A fun thing is that the package states the price which was 1.5 SEK, which adjusted for inflation (assuming the razor is from 1952, which is a guesstimate) is 22.5 SEK today, or about $2.3 or 2.1€. This was one of their cheaper mainstream models with zinc alloy head and aluminium handle.

[Image: 9wh2O1o.jpg]

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 Today, 04:21 AM
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Thanks to a friend of the IlRasoio forum, I borrow these two jewels.

Charcoal Goods
Brass Gen1 Level 2 / Vertigo
[Image: yutZrxq.jpg]
Colonial Razors
The Silversmith

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