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Over the years I have a pretty good idea of the technical characteristics of my favorite instruments.
Regarding the geometry of the DE heads, I have inserted a summary here.

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Starting from the excellent introduction of Super Mario @ ilRasoio of August 25th 2015 ...
The treatment (Coating) of the wire can make use of various substances and is applied to reinforce it, to make it more smooth / smooth (obtaining greater comfort during shaving, always according to marketing), to reduce corrosion and its deformations, etc.
E.g. Derby treated with CHROMIUM-CERAMIC, TUNGSTEN AND PLATINUM, Gillette Silver Blue treated with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, formula based on Teflon), Feather treated with PLATINUM, etc.
... I'm interested in making a list of products.

I believe that even DE blades have a specific theoretical scope depending on their use:
  1. Daily, normal skin ... Chrome / Platinum
  2. Daily, sensitive skin ... Teflon (PTFE)
  3. Discontinuous, normal skin ... Stainless Steel (NO Coating)
  4. Discontinuous, sensitive skin ... Carbon Steel (NO Coating)

The target I'm interested in is the type of my favorites, in medium-aggressive stainless steel covered with platinum (preferably in generous packages).
Which incidentally are the Personna Platinum Chrome (UK Red) or the Astra Superior Platinum.
But more generally I am interested in creating a database (database) where I can enter the known data:
  • Company
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Coating
  • Sharpening
  • Availability
  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Shop
  • Convention
I have already started to insert the characteristics of my ... but since I have been lazy about Personna for a long time, I have a lot of samples (both commercially, out of production, and vintage). So it will take time, but with commitment and perseverance I am determined to complete.
Also because those who are not of my favorite type will have to clear the field, now saturated.

I invite each user to share their knowledge, (possibly) by entering the data of the fields used.
This will make the database very useful (if updated) also from a practical point of view !!!  Wink

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