09-07-2019, 09:35 AM
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Selling all these great brushes as a lot for $99 shipped. I will donate 100% of the money to Seattle Children’s Hospital and immediately provide the buyer proof that is exactly where the money went.

Included in the lot (from left to right in the first pic):

1. APShaveCo w/ 24mm Tuxedo Synthetic Knot

2. WSP w/ 26mm Synthetic Knot

3. APShaveCo w/ 22mm Cashmere Knot in a Custom Wild West Brushworks Handle!

4. A Custom Brush hand turned and polished by me! Features a 26mm Synthetic Knot that has been Silicon Glued in. You could easily replace it with a badger knot, etc if you so desired.

5. A Custom Handle also made by me! Will accept a 25 or 26mm knot.

[Image: 1e61aafafde018eb4f20c796834a8a7d.jpg][Image: 39a7686d0c9e71ace3a7bb2312be8891.jpg][Image: 1e58a046f25db369b0e9c6cb95c776a4.jpg][Image: f37f99ab92bcd7a75ebc75ece3720a81.jpg][Image: a61439ea8c9e2b1b6fa9fa667c3b90a3.jpg][Image: bfb9bcb3bc21756ecb6fbf30923d6e3c.jpg]

[Image: 08cf9a619130fa3f2ea790fbf5d60dc9.jpg][Image: 5f890d060c8d1ef07231014c769efea0.jpg][Image: 2391679c0b691584d2fb2efb8218219e.jpg][Image: 600d888dd5975deef8775840c8a50708.jpg]

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 09-07-2019, 02:17 PM
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Sold. Thanks Ryan!

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