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I am not the type of shaver who wants to have a huge collection items in my den. I like to have a few things that I use on a very regular basis. I was lucky enough to be able to add a wr2 a while back. I already had a wr1. I wanted to compare the two to determine if I should keep both.  I typically like middle of the road shavers and I do not like super aggressive  razors with a lot of blade feel. Hence, my wr1 is a .54 blade gap and the wr2 I selected is a .95 blade gap. I had seen some prior comparisons between the two heads, in particular the one done by Dan Law, and read them with great interest. I wanted to provide my own thoughts since I was able to put the two head-to-head. I shaved one side of my face with the wr1 and one side with the wr2.  In addition to the same blade, I find that handle selection has a very big impact on the characteristics of a razor. Therefore, I wanted to use very similar handles in order to make the comparison. The handles I used were the wrh3 and the wrh3/7.  I  used a fresh Wizamet in both razors.  Cutting to the chase, these razors are more similar than dissimilar. I was a little surprised by that. I would say the chief differences are that the wr1 is more nimble with its smaller profile. It's easier to get under the nose and it just feels zippier and looks nicer aesthetically. I think this is a an advantage over the chunkier wr2. Both razors felt the same to me on my first with the grain pass as far as comfort.  I have no preference for either. Where the wr2 excels, is with the against the grain pass. It seems to be slightly smoother than the wr1 and is ever so slightly more comfortable.  As far as efficiency and effectiveness of the shave overall, both razors really wound up with the same result with the same number of passes. Both immediately after the shave and 18 hours later I could not tell any difference between the two sides of my face.  For me the difference between these razors really boils down to my feeling that the wr1 is a bit easier to maneuver and I think aesthetically looks a little better. The wr2, while it is bulkier and not as sexy, it is ever so slightly more comfortable on the against the grain pass. I want to emphasize that these differences are pretty marginal. Both heads are really excellent razors. I had thought that the wr2 would be significantly better than wr1. That is really not the case. They are both very good. I also believe that the wr2 .95 is exactly the same level of efficiency as the wr1 .54. So, my conclusion is that which ever head you choose, it will provide you with excellent results. They are both very good and each has its small advantages.  As I said at the start of my post, I am not a big collector of items in my den. These heads are too similar to each other and I will likely sell one of them on the BST.  

[Image: 3LN5bYS.jpg]

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Excellent comparison of the 2.

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Nice, useful comparison, and thanks for the side by side picture!  Can't even get this on the Wolfman web site!

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