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Letting go of a few things tonight.  Let's do conus only please.  If you have any questions please send me a pm.  The price includes shipping.  Items being sold will be shipped Saturday morning.  Thanks!!

1) H&S N075 version 1, in excellent shape.  Asking $159 shipped.  Paid roughly $230 shipped.  Sold!!
2) ATT S1 like new condition with IB Super Knurl Handle.  Asking $69 shipped.  Paid roughly $140 shipped. Sold!!
3) Rockwell 6C razor, like new (used once).  Asking $39 shipped.  Paid $50 shipped. Sold!!
4) Jurgen Hempel Stainless Barber Handle.  Shows a little wear.  Asking $59 shipped.  Paid $120 shipped.
5) Charcoal Goods Stainless Stinger Handle like new.  Asking $69 shipped.  Paid $100 plus shipping? Sold!!
[Image: Mxyq3zt.jpg][Image: 01XfG8Y.jpg][Image: tO6N8ie.jpg][Image: d4J3qnC.jpg]

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