09-27-2019, 04:32 AM
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I ordered the Parker 4-piece A1R Travel Safety Razor and it arrived yesterday.Smile  I had a chance to test it out this morning and and am happily impressed with the result.Smile  A very well made razor that breaks down into four compact pieces and stores away in a leather pouch.  The pouch itself is very well made...very robust and somewhat rugged.Smile

The shave was mild, smooth and efficient.Smile  Although I was done after two passes, I did a third pass just because I was enjoying the shave so much.Smile  

In doing some research, I picked the Parker over the Merkur due to hearing that the Merkur travel razor has a hollow handle making it a bit too lightweight.  I had read reviews and comments stating that the Parker had a solid handle.  Well, to my surprise, the Parker handle is not fully solid.  the top half is solid, but the bottom half is hollow.  I'm not sure why other owners of this razor would state that is has a solid handle...unless Parker changed it around recently. OR, maybe they went to a solid handle and I have an earlier version?  I'm no stranger to hollow razor handles as I have both the Fatip Grande and Shcöne.Smile And both are fine razors.Smile  

But, I still wonder if the handle on this Parker travel razor was changed in some way.

However, I guess there is an advantage of sorts.  The hollow end of the handle being lighter pushes the balance point forward thus giving the razor head more weight and emphasis.

Anyone else have this razor?  Fully solid handle?  Bottom half of handle hollow?  Curious to know.Smile 

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