Poll: Colonial Razors back to aluminium
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 10-01-2019, 08:45 AM
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Today first contact with the Colonial Razors "The Silversmith".

With its 95g per 90mm, it's definitely a heavyweight.
Despite the size, the balance is good. (head 38g / handle 57g)
With 60% of the weight on the handle, but a fairly centered center thanks to the shape.
Now let me explain the silhouette: graceless but useful !!
As well as the shape of the head, with that little lateral protection and the undulating behavior below.
That funny shape is necessary for balancing, due to the inefficiency of the material.
On the other hand every time I see it my heart smiles, thinking of the Pac-Man Ghost Light Table Lamp.
As expected, a gentle, efficient razor, perfect for everyday use.
In three passes an excellent, pleasant and durable BBS.
The angle is very intuitive and easy to use.

With fifty grams less, a percentage balance of 51/49 and ten millimeters more ... would be perfect for me.

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