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My aluminum base plate N075 is easily in my top two, if not my best DE razor. I had previously purchased the polished stainless steel version, but I found it to be slightly more aggressive in face feel when compared to the aluminum.

Aji graciously sent me a machined finished to try out as well. The finish is very good for machine. In fact, I almost had to look very closely to discern it from the polished version.

Anyway, the shave was fantastic. It felt identical to the aluminum based original version. I think the machine finished gives just a little bit of drag on the skin similar to the aluminum or a Weber DLC. This, for me, makes it an absolute winner.[Image: 24d681bd912b147cb6574f120f7c5f52.jpg][Image: 6f5be1547ac0c8917d696815839c527a.jpg][Image: e1ace8bdab50a66ddceefb88c994a066.jpg]

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