10-17-2019, 02:13 PM
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I've gone unscented soap but still like changing up my splashes and edt's. Below are a few things I'm looking for. Please PM if you have an offer and I'm sure we can work something out. 

CFG Sherlock
CFG Cryogen
Stirling Autumn Glory
B&M Angelique
B&M Terror
B&M Seville
B&M Fougere Gothique
A&E Chasin the Dragon
A&E Asian Plum
MLS Kraken
Eleven Blue Spruce
Dr. Jon's Hydra

CFG Ghost Town Barber
CFG Sherlock
Declaration Darkfall
Declaration Bandwagon
B&M Seville
B&M Fougere Gothique

Dr. Jon's Hydra

Soaps I have to trade. All 95% at least. Most lathered just 1-2x:
B&M Fougere Gothique, Original run

B&M Reserve Spice
Wholly Kaw YRP
T&S Grog
T&S Rainforest
T&S Madagascar
T&S Classic

T&S West Indies

T&S Dark, original run

Lisa's Haute Leather
CFG Stubble Buster Resolute

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