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That you love my city is certainly not a known thing.

But with this shaving soap near the exit, I wanted to pay tribute to a "habit" that characterized much of Palermo's history between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the last century.

The presence in the city of vendors of soft drinks (or "struscio" or better to say ...), called "aquavitari", offered more or less fresh drinks made up of various fruit juices and citrus juices, characterized most of of the city landscape: almost at every corner, facilitated by the summer heat that endemically belongs to us, they were an institution that also characterized the noisy background (thanks to their "abbanniata" or call to purchase through cries encouraging the purchase) of my beloved Palermo .

But the highlight, given the lower cost, was "water and zammu" which included water with the addition of a distillate of seeds and elder flowers (called Zambuco, hence Zammu '), the result was a drink refreshing appreciated by both the people and the nobility of the time.

This shaving soap includes the presence of pure elderberry essence and kaolin powder, renowned for its opacifying, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, purifying and healing properties (only the masks of this clay compound are known for the care of the face and hair) .

A tribute I dedicate to Palermo and to all the friends who continue to follow the adventure PantaRei with love ...


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