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Last of the brushes up for sale. All are in very good shape, most not used a whole lot and a couple used only once. Let's do conus only with prices including the shipping.  For price reference I am selling the artisan brushes for about half of what they cost knotted.  The Paladin was $160 I believe.  The Thaters were $169/$189.  Epsilon bought from original owner for $120.  The Saville Row was $158 and the Sears brush $150 shipped.  The Romera I believe was $140 and the Rooney I bought here for $200.

Top row L to R

TDR 26mm fan $59 used once
Thater 25mm bulb $79 
Saville Row 26mm silvertip bulb $79
SOLD-Paladin 26mm Chief bulb 2csnd3 $99 
Grizzly Bay 26mm fan $55 
Wild West w/simpson manchurian (from M7 handle) $69
Romero 30mm fan $89 

Bottom row L to R

SOLD-Thater 26mm bulb $89
Epsilon 26mm fan Shavemac two band $79
SOLD-Thater 26mm fan $69 
Mozingo w/ Maggard 26mm SHD used once $64
Turn-n-Shave 28mm fan $64 
SOLD-Brad Sears 28mm DFS LE $69 
Rooney Emilion Size 2 super badger $160

[Image: NcFFkAX.jpg]

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