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PantaRei VINCENT is already available in my website [img=22x22][/img]
This is the new ceramic (Limited to 80 pieces) edition after the GATTOPARDO shaving soap (always available in "plastic" version).

PantaRei Vincent, is a tribute to a Man and an extraordinary artist: Vincent Van Gogh.

The Esperidata fragrance (orange) soon turns into hints of tobacco and leather, the complexity of the same, making it unique.
An exclusive PantaRei fragrance, produced in France by expert hands and lofty noses, considered a fragrance suitable for the autumn / winter season (but wearable throughout the year).

The exclusive formulation provides for the use of Auvergne bovine milk, a French region, famous for the quality of its farms.
This precious component, known for its anti-aging and moisturizing qualities, has the advantage, among many others, of making the skin post-shave soft and balanced in its fat component, in addition to having an exfoliating action.

Its aftershave with a persistent fragrance and amplified by the alcohol component is a worthy complement.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: moisten the surface of the soap with a light layer of warm water. Leave to act for a few seconds and deposit the liquid thus formed in the eventual assembly bowl or eliminate it in the case of face assembly. To mount directly in a soap bowl, work on the surface of the soap with a slightly damp brush (avoid excess water when loading the brush), charging the brush properly. You can then mount it in the face or continue the assembly in a separate assembly bowl, at the customer’s discretion. Add water if necessary, thereby balancing the level of hydration of the soap. Rinse the soap bowl and let it rest, during the time of shaving, upside down in order to drain any excess water.

see my website www.pantareibrushes.com also in ENG language version.


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