12-17-2019, 10:22 PM
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I had been wanting to try some sweet Mexican chocolate, so I stopped this evening at a mercado a few blocks from where I live, figuring they were much more likely to have it than our usual supermarket.
I asked the young lady behind the counter if they had Mexican chocolate bars, Taza or any other.
She looked at me blankly and said, "No hablo ingles."
So I asked, "Does anyone here speak English?"
And she replied, "No."
There were at least 5 people working there, stocking shelves and so forth, and there was a small restaurant-type area in the back with two cooks and half a dozen people sitting at tables, eating.
I said, "No English?"
And she again said no.  Then she got out her cell phone, started the Google translate app, and handed me the phone.  I typed in "Mexican chocolate bar."  She looked at the translation, then called out for someone named Miguel, asking him about it.  He came up front and said no - "Lo siento, no."

So no sweet Mexican chocolate tonight.  And I'm amazed that apparently there is a completely foreign world just blocks from me.

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 04-21-2020, 02:18 AM
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Every year in January there is a Congress for gas passers in Sankt Anton, in beautyful Austria.
A gorgeous skiing area, including Zürs and Lech, too.

Want to get your skis prepared?
Buy anything sports related?
Pay at the supermarket?
Better speak English.
You could not buy a Hot Dog in the street without English.

Young folks from GB, US, Australia, all of them.
The times, they are changing.

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 04-21-2020, 02:47 AM
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(04-21-2020, 02:18 AM)apogee. Wrote: Every year in January there is a Congress for gas passers in Sankt Anton

Do they have a showing of Blazing Saddles every night?

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 04-21-2020, 04:30 AM
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They should. For Count Basie playing „April in Paris“Smile

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 04-21-2020, 10:28 AM
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Doesn't chocolate sound the same in Mexican as it does in English?

FWIW, I can buy it at a local natural food store. But I prefer chocolate from other places by far. Lindt 70% is my current favorite. I need to start making my own.

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