12-19-2019, 08:53 AM
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I wanted to review this brush for anyone in the market for a Simpson or synthetic (or both). 

Skip to the bottom if you’re in a hurry and just want the review.
[Image: GPWAEVi.jpg]
A little backstory, I’ve owned and sold three other Simpsons. A duke 2 in best and two chubby 2’s in best. Honestly all three were excessive shedders and I was not impressed. The chubby 2’s were lather hogs which I’m okay with but not when 15 hairs are stuck in the lather it finally produces. 

I’ve tried a few synthetics which felt good to me but all lacked backbone.

Fast forward, WCS was having a sale and the Duke 3 synthetic was only about $70. High for a synthetic but low for a Simpson. I did not have high hopes but purchased it anyway. 


I’m only going to review the synthetic and knot aspect of the brush not the handle size etc as it is the same as any duke 3.

The bristles of the duke are extremely soft and dyed to resemble badger which I like. The knot had a lot of backbone in IMO for a synthetic. It produced a great lather and did not hog the product. My only complaint so far is that because the knot doesn’t bloom, the knot tends to feel small. However, that’s my fault for not planning for that ahead of time. I actually really enjoy this brush and believe it is an excellent value for anyone that wants a Simpson but is worried about getting stuck with a shedder.

This experience has me considering purchasing a chubby 2 synthetic in the future.

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 12-19-2019, 12:51 PM
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Thanks for the review. I was hoping you’d be comparing the D3 and the CH2 synth, a brush with which I am quite familiar. In my experience the Chubby likes being used with some oomph. Because of the limited bloom the knot works well when “mashed” against my face. I only use paintbrush strokes, fwiw. I’m thinking that because the diameter/loft ratio is different between the two brushes that they are likely to perform/feel differently.

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