12-30-2019, 08:20 AM
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Meet the Amphora. This is a Lynn McInroy design that was originally scaled to 22 mm. My understanding is that it didn't progress beyond a few protoypes. We scaled the CAD drawing to 24 mm and then increased its girth by 2 mm overall to match with a 26 mm knot. Resulting handle height is about 64.75 mm with an outside diameter of about 39.25. The material is Lavender. This one just came off the lathe. It hasn't been sanded yet.

[Image: Amphora-122919ws_zpsk3rz07ih.jpg]

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 12-30-2019, 11:28 AM
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I’m digging that shape!

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 12-30-2019, 12:13 PM
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reminds me of Lalique crystal

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 12-30-2019, 07:41 PM
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Really liking the design on this handle. Looking forward to additional pictures.

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 12-31-2019, 03:06 AM
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That Lavender looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it after the Paladin Polish.

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