09-24-2012, 08:15 PM
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Selling because some *expletive* decided to hit my parked car and not own up to it. I need to replace the tail light.

Measurements done by caliper. Paypal personal please or add 3%, prices are pretty rock bottom at this point.

Semogue 2015
The Semogue's wooden handle has not made it through the years intact. But, the knot is perfectly fine.

Dimensions: 55mm handle, 53mm loft, 22mm knot. Semogue Silvertip Grade.

Asking $15 shipped anywhere.

TGN 24mm Cocobolo Handle Silvertip Grade A or Super Silvertip
I cannot remember what hair it is. Either the Super or Silvertip grade A. Handle is cocobolo, the finish is oil IIRC.

Dimensions: 48 mm handle, 51 mm loft, 24 mm knot.

Asking $30 shipped anywhere.

Kent BK8
Bought it for $120, asking $115. Comes with Original Red Box.

Great brush, will keep it if no one wants it at that price, but would prefer cash to fund more acquisitions.

Dimensions: 56 mm handle, 57 mm loft, 24 mm knot. Silvertip.

Shavemac 177
This is the one I want to keep. But, I need the money.

This is a couple of years old. When they were still assembled in and stamped "Germany" on the front.

Dimensions: 50mm handle, 53mm loft, 23.5mm knot. Silvertip

Asking $80 shipped anywhere.

Price on the Semogue is negotiable as the handle is not so good.

Semogue 2015
[Image: DSC05429.jpg]
[Image: DSC05430.jpg]
[Image: DSC05431.jpg]

TGN/Penchetta 23mm STA/Super
[Image: DSC05437.jpg]
[Image: DSC05438.jpg]
[Image: DSC05439.jpg]
[Image: DSC05440.jpg]

Kent BK8
[Image: DSC05432.jpg]
[Image: DSC05434.jpg]
[Image: DSC05435.jpg]
[Image: DSC05436.jpg]

Shavemac 177

[Image: DSC05426.jpg]
[Image: DSC05427.jpg]
[Image: DSC05428.jpg]

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 09-27-2012, 09:21 AM
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Great brushes!

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 09-28-2012, 08:20 AM
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What's the knot size of the Shavemac?

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 09-28-2012, 09:48 AM
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(09-28-2012, 08:20 AM)adityan27 Wrote: What's the knot size of the Shavemac?

Supposed to be 23mm, but measures at 23.5mm.

Measurements added. Not sure how I forgot such an important fact.

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 09-30-2012, 07:35 PM
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Sunday price drops on the Kent, TGN, & Semogue.

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 10-05-2012, 09:00 PM
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Final price drop on the Kent.

Drops on the other two. Shavemac is what it is.

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 10-06-2012, 05:17 AM
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Just to avoid rumors from being spread: shavemac changed their logo and thus the "Germany" appears at a different part of the handle. They are still made in Germany!

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 10-12-2012, 09:28 PM
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Prices reduced on Shavemac, TGN, & Semogue. Might as well give the Semogue away for less.

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 10-13-2012, 09:55 AM
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For those who have never used a Shavemac Silvertip, this is a nice brush at a decent price. I love my Shavemac Silvertip, pure luxury on the face.

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 10-13-2012, 01:24 PM
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