01-18-2020, 01:53 PM
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(1) WTS Rudy Vey creation in white zebra resin using a Muhle 25mm synthetic knot mounted at 52mm. No matter which synth I try I just can’t get used to them.
I paid $95 for this brush last month. I am asking $55 shipped.

SOLD (2) WTS Timeless Bronze SB razor without the box. I lightly polished most of the patina off of it with a jewelers cloth (Razor Emporium) but a little remains. No stand and no box. There is a small blemish on the bottom of the base plate between the “R” and the “A” in the logo. Scratch and dent has this for $100.
I am asking $70 shipped.

SOLD (3) WTS Timeless Aluminum razor with stand but no box. This is also in good condition with some very minor scratches under the top cap and on the base plate. Scratch and dent price is $55.
I am asking $45 shipped.

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