01-19-2020, 11:51 AM
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I am adding just a few pictures so if you want some additional photos, please let let me. All sets will be kept together (sorry). If you want multiple items, I will make you a much better deal.
I took soap measurements using a certified USPS home scale with lids in place. All items were properly cared for and barely used. These items are all amazing products that I just haven’t reached for very much and I need some room!

(1) PAA Doppleganger Black label CK6 soap (6.9oz), aftershave, and Star Jelly. $30 shipped

(2) PAA Boomtown Bay Rum (6.2oz)(standard formula), after shave, Star Jelly, and EDP. $45 shipped
(3) PAA Keepsake Fruitcake (7.6oz)(2018 CK6), aftershave, and small balm. $25 shipped
(4) PAA Supreme Sandalwood Science CK6 soap (7.2oz), aftershave, and EDP. $ 50 shipped SOLD
(5) PAA Kirimati CK6 soap (6.6oz) and aftershave. $25 shipped
(6) Mickey Lee Soapworks Pantie Dropper soap (4.8oz) and aftershave. $30 shipped SOLD
(7) Wholly Kaw Padre Leone soap (7.7oz), aftershave, and Pasha’s Pride balm (lightly used extra). $25 shipped
(8) Wholly Kaw Dark Vetiver soap (6.0oz), aftershave, and balm. $25 shipped
(9) Eleven Shaving Apollo soap (6.5oz), PAA Frost Byte soap (6.6oz), and Timeless Razors Oleo soap (5.5oz brand new). $25 shipped
(10) Captain’s Choice Bay Rum (new), Captain’s Choice Cat'O'Nine Tails (new) and PAA Captain Smythe's Reserve (Bay Rum/Leather-Used). $25 shipped
(11) Rooster’s Nest Bay Rum (new). $20 shipped (still available-I had an extra)

Feel free to make cash offers or trades (software/hardware etc)
Software I would definitely consider trading for would be Zingari Man tallow based soaps and their tallow balm, Grooming Dept. soaps, Barrister and Mann Vespers products, AE soaps (I haven’t tried any yet). or other high end software products.

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 01-19-2020, 12:25 PM
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I'll Take the panty dropper set please

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 01-22-2020, 06:12 PM
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How about $175 shipped for what remains PLUS I will thrown in a brand new Grooming Dept. Lemon Bay soap.

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