01-21-2020, 10:12 AM
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I am sure that there maybe some rules that will stop me posting such a post - and if not and I have posted in the wrong place - I apologise. 

I busted wa ted to raise an issue with Classic Shaving and highlight how someone can get a business so wrong - unlike other vendors on these boards. 

I recently placed orders for the Enoch and Hiram Razors - both at the special intro price of $99 including shipping - orders were placed separately as the razors were announced separately. @ $99 for two new razors not a bad steel. I ordered no other items as international shipping can be a expensive. 

Anyway placing the second order was an ordeal - I stupidly thought I would combine orders and have them shipped together - not sure why I bothered as it took several invoices to get the order right - all I needed was a new invoice for the additional razor but these came out all with different costs and then costs for shipping etc. Anyway after several emails - many of which were ignored for days and needed to be chased I managed to get order placed. 

well one would hope the issues stop here - well it comes to the orders being shipped and I receive several notifications of my order is shipped - many of them not even to my address - anyway I was travelling with work and thus chose to ignore - assuming that they had a glitch in the ordering platform and they would work it out. So I wait and my order arrives on the sunny shores of the uk and is held up in customs. I expected this and I expected to pay the duties due on two $99 razors - well it would seem that Classicshaving are totally against under declaring for customs (not something I want) but totally believe in over declaring for customs. As you dont get a breakdown of the charges till the parcel is delivered and because little point in arguing with customs I paid the higher fee than I expected. I received the parcel and saw that classic shaving had declared the value as $259 - nearly $60 over and above the actual value - this cost me significantly more duties and courier fees. 

anyway one would think that classic shaving would be keen not to be involved in fraudulent activities such as over declaring sales and customs values - I have subsequently emailed them and advised that they needed to cover the additional charges I had to cover as it wasn't my mistake - I got told well it was my issue as that was the value that was on the system - not sure how its my fault when I dont control their netsuite inventory/ordering system - the email also included a screenshot showing that my order totally valued $259 and not $199 as it should have. after this I have had not response to several emails - phone calls - voicemails - as clearly classic shaving couldn't careless. 

I get its $25 in the grand scheme of thing of additional duties I paid - but thats not the issue - I unclear why the value was over declared and if I placed an order totalling $259 then where are the additional items as the box only contained to razors and some samples ? was I charged for the samples ? if so I didn't ask for them nor did I pay for them. 

Anyway needed a rant and share my experience with classic shaving - I hope you all have a better experience from them - but they have lost mine and a few others custom! but clearly not needed when they over declare sales figures!!!!!!!!

apologies to the forum is this is not allowed or in the wrong group!!

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 01-21-2020, 01:35 PM
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Good luck with the razors. Many reports that both are defective. Hopefully no one injures themselves trying to use. Certainly looks like they are not worried about any exposure to liability though....

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 01-21-2020, 05:12 PM
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Unfortunately Nrahuf I hear a lot of stories like yours about Classic Shaving, and I have some of my own.

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 01-21-2020, 06:27 PM
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I'm sorry you were treated that way by a vendor. 

It's my opinion that customer service declined to an unacceptable  level when The Grooming Network purchased Classic Shaving.  If you do research into Luke Webster, who owns the Grooming Network, you will find numerous complaints about his business practices.

It's also my opinion that the Enoch is a ripoff of the Asylum Rx, designed by Phil at Bullgoose.  The Asylum Rx, of course, was machined in the USA.  The Enoch is primarily produced via metal injection molding in China.

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 01-22-2020, 02:18 PM
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Thanks guys - it is a shame that vendors like this ruin the experience for many. Still to try the razors if I have issues paid with PayPal - will just lodge relevant complaints with them.

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 01-22-2020, 02:20 PM
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I was in for the Kickstarter "O.R.E.N." razor and pleased with timetable and quality of the razor.

Sounds like the initial Rockwell Model T and reliant on Chinese vendors.  Hope both Rockwell and Classic Shaving fully recover.

PS: really like my recent purchase of a Rockwell 6s in black !!

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 01-23-2020, 05:22 AM
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I think classic shaving is making some nice products but is clearly lacking in customer and quality processes. be interested to see if anyone else has seen invoices being over rated - as would suggest that  irregularities in accounting of revenues etc is in play!!!

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 01-23-2020, 08:15 AM
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You are not alone , I have paid multiple shipping when only receiving one package , even though I was promised a refund it has not materialised , the Enochs thankfully are good razors , the Hirams are defective and poorly made , I haven't and will not shave with them (I bought two of each).
They are poor on the customer service , ignoring e mails , I shall not be shopping with them again .

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