01-23-2020, 03:30 PM
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Letting go of this Razorock SS Lupo razor. Very smooth shaver and looks awesome. I’ve been on a bit of a razor kick lately and just passing along the ones that deserve to get used elsewhere. It’s just a bit too mild for me, which is the same thing I experienced with the .61 WR1 I owned years ago. These are extremely rare as far as RR razors go, there have only been a few small releases of them. Razor is DLC finished, just to forewarn you it is extremely hard to keep clean so if that bothers you it might be best to look elsewhere. Asking $100 shipped, add PP fees if applicable. Not looking for any trades at the moment.  Thanks for looking. 

[Image: U2MSNxg.jpg]

[Image: cmZ0qpD.jpg]

[Image: fExrf2B.jpg]

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