01-31-2020, 02:49 AM
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As far as shaving gear goes, we live in prosperous times.
This year not only brought me a new Pearl semi slant and a Wolfman WR2-DC, but also a new Karve in aluminium.
First impressions are very positive.
After the Bronze and the Stainless Steel this is my third Karve, so I guess it is fair to say their design works for me.

Size 40g x 108mm long, just the right dimensions for my hands.

This alu-Karve has its own characteristics.
It is - obviously - lighter and seems to give a light, close shave.
I experienced the same with my alu Phoenix DOC Safety Razor and my vintage Techs as well.
It might be typical for aluminium?

Lookwise, it gets a big thumbs up from the younger generation here in the house.
The anodised handle has a beautiful guilloche type of knurling that reminds me of the sort used in watches.

The color combination I did not know what to expect in real life.
It is stunning.

The alu Karve is a matte grey, with a red / dark grey head.
I find it very attractive.

[Image: atJ0k0o.jpg]

I have great experience with the F plate, so I ordered that one again.
It is F - gap = 1.23mm / exposure = positive 0.22mm.

After the first shave, the results are excellent.
I find every new razor to shave nick and irritation free, and this alu Karve is no exception.
Well done.

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