02-09-2020, 08:14 AM
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Feather Artist Club DX in excellent+ condition. Includes the protective cap. I also have the original boxes for both.

As a freebie I’m also throwing in a nearly new bottle of Musgo Classic Aftershave Balm and a new/sealed Stirling Shampoo bar.

I will take $159 for everything pictured (for reference, the Razor sells for $239 new at Maggards). The balm is about a $40 value.

[Image: 5dbf55681722fa06f98be18f7471bf5f.jpg]

[Image: eaa71dea8fcedb8a940672b87246faf1.jpg]

[Image: 1907b5e9e390a530dc907df1cfe7b55f.jpg]

[Image: a0384e6e1ee6c6ebd8566a21313cbb79.jpg]

[Image: 54aeb180605c03dd712310774d89daae.jpg]

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