02-10-2020, 05:26 PM
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Blame Maire Kondo or Minimalism, I have decided I can probably live with 9 shaving brushes.  Plus I would like to buy 1 or 2 more favorites.  

1. $140.  Paladin PK-47 Purple Haze, 26mm 2CLNB6.  Cost was $160 and a sentimental favorite.
2. $250.  SOLD Paladin PK-47 Ebonite Strawberry Fields, 26mm 2CLNA6.  NEW - never used.  Cost was $330
3. $105   SOLD Paladin PK-47 Disco, 26mm 2CSLH4.  Cost was $160
4. $110   Brad Sears Gus Amber and Coral(?), 28mm.  Cost was $180
5. $ 70   SOLD Wolf Whiskers WW-Eagle, RCE color, guessing 25mm, plush/less backbone.  Cost approx $85
6. $ 80   SPOLD Alpha Titanium, FS new version synthetic. Recent ATG group buy.  Cost was $131
7. $ 40   SOLD Tony Forsyth synthetic, Rainbow Falls color, guessing 24mm knot, 62mm handle height.  Cost approx $100
8. $ 35   SOLD Mervyn Cadman $100 money brush, dark badger (some scritch).  Nice brush to re-knot.
Bonus:  $40 Grooming Dept and P&B soaps - new.  Cost approx $50 

Original owner on all brushes.  In rotation (16 or so brush rotation). Paladin Purple Haze and Wolf Whiskers purchased 2018 or so.  Others purchased in 2019.  The TF and Cadman purchased or gifted before but not in frequent rotation.

Should have original box.  Price includes domestic shipping.  More info available.  No trades at this time. Thanks for looking.
[Image: HgdX4ci.jpg]

[Image: M90DR2Q.jpg][Image: IyAOivk.jpg]

[Image: RRZbURA.jpg]

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 02-11-2020, 08:01 AM
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The Alpha titanium one is a real pleasure to use. Even tough it's a synthetic, i really felt that it  became softer after a month or two using it. The buyer of this one should appreciate it a lot and it is a beautiful brush also!

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 02-12-2020, 05:04 PM
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Wow.  Very nice offerings.  I'm upset I missed out on that Strawberry Fields Ebonite  Sad

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