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Hello TSN,

Long time no see. After a long hiatus, I think I have finally being cured from all my shaving buying addictions, albeit the addiction shifted somewhere else. Now I'm into vintage watches, mainly pocket watches. What can I say? Smile
So in order to afford this new addition and make up some room, I have to sell some shaving material, which I probably have enough for 2 generations. 
I hope I'm not off with the prices, the goal here is not to make a profit, but rather put the gear in the hands of people that would appreciate it. 

1)Maison du Barbier Brush

Here we have a brand new unused Maison du Barbier pure gray badger brush. I purchased 2 of these during a trip to Paris a few years ago. I'm selling the white one and keeping the black. These are a little but scrubby as you can expect, but soft enough to massage your face. Don't expect a high mountain softness out of these.
These are manufactured by the same company that owns Plisson at an entry level price. 
Hair is pure gray badger
Please see description at the MDB site.

Retails for 24 Euros. Asking $20 shipped to CONUS.

[Image: oDG87JP.jpg]

[Image: p3DQK0p.jpg]

[Image: aSeuwhy.jpg]

2)Maison du Barbier Soap and bowl  ---SOLD---

Following the Maison du Barbier trend, I have a shaving soap and ceramic bowl new and unused. The soap is still in its plastic wrapper.
The soap has a subtle fresh smell from what I can tell since its still wrapped.
The specifications can be found on the MDB site.

Retails for 16 Euros. Asking $14 shipped CONUS.

Take the brush and soap for $30

[Image: LYDhJwk.jpg]

[Image: w7orSKb.jpg]

3)Merkur Progress Standard Handle  ---SOLD---

Razor is used but in good condition. Some minor scratches and discoloration in the inside of the top cap. I tried to capture everything in the pictures. A nice razor for someone that wants to try the Progress. Comes with original box.

Retails for $70, asking $35 shipped CONUS.

[Image: qlB51Pl.jpg]

[Image: vEn4ZZQ.jpg]

[Image: 5imX6Xy.jpg]

[Image: e1IuwH3.jpg]

[Image: uYOSj2E.jpg]

[Image: JriwOoa.jpg]

4) Merkur Vision 2000  ---SOLD---

Last I have the elusive discontinued Merkur Vision 2000 in original box with instructions and shipper.
I'm the second owner. I bought this used a long time ago but never used it. It is in great condition and does not have any knicks, plating issues or scratches that I can see. Works as expected and has no mechanical issues.
The tin box is also in good shape, but has a couple of small dings on the bottom (see pictures).
I paid $200 for this back in the days, asking $175 shipped CONUS.

[Image: AFsH0IO.jpg]

[Image: VtswAYI.jpg]

[Image: nnpzsQ3.jpg]

[Image: nft4GUb.jpg]

[Image: 6s0SY3q.jpg]

[Image: Qz6dxmg.jpg]

[Image: 10qTlmp.jpg]

[Image: ymwVHI7.jpg]

[Image: lbjxGdB.jpg]

[Image: Xmr5iS9.jpg]

5) Floris 89 soap --- SOLD ---

This is my favorite soap and I have many of them. The soap comes with the wooden bowl and is sealed new in box. Bought these in London several years ago.

Retails for $55 plus shipping, asking 40 shipped CONUS.

[Image: VgUJDZF.jpg]

[Image: G3zBbd1.jpg]

6) Scottish Fine Soaps - Shave Soap and Bowl Set  ---SOLD---

I purchased 2 of these a long time ago, beautiful set with nice presentation and ceramic bowl. The soap is still sealed in its wrapping and the box is complete including the wrapper.

I believe these have been discontinued, so the closest thing I found price related is the following:

Retailed for $50 plus shipping, asking $35 shipped CONUS.

[Image: ICmOxSi.jpg]

[Image: Sz5wnRR.jpg]

[Image: GtAvUqD.jpg]

[Image: vJftdcM.jpg]

[Image: 6kU693k.jpg]

That's all for now gents. Much more to come soon. I have more pictures available, just did not want to flood the post. If you need more pictures please let me know.

I work full time and can only ship a few days of the week. Please consider this before buying.

Thanks for reading this far Smile

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 02-13-2020, 11:50 AM
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Great prices.


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PM sent on the vision 2000

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 02-14-2020, 12:46 PM
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Floris 89, Scottish Fine Soaps, Merkur Progress and MDB Soap have sold.

Merkur Vision 2000 and brush are still available.


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 02-16-2020, 06:36 PM
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Everything sold except for the brush. Reducing the brush to $18 shipped CONUS for a quick sell.

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