02-15-2020, 10:35 AM
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Some really great stuff up for grabs! I will include USPS Shipping to the US

Razorock Lupo Stainless w/ DLC coating. Also sold in this lot is an Elite Razor Brush with Manchurian White knot. It does shed a hair from time to time but nothing extreme. Incredible brush. It was sold to me as a 26mm, but looks closer to 24mm to my eye. $139 takes both. Sorry, will not separate.

Razorock Game Changer JAWS with a super nice WCS Stainless Handle. SOLD!

Razorock .84 Game Changer Open Comb with a Razorock Halo Titanium handle. SOLD!

Razorock .84 Game Changer Solid Bar with a Windrose Stainless Handle! SOLD!

Frankenrazor, but is pretty darn awesome... features a Rockwell 1 / 3 baseplate, EJ topcap, and beautiful Windrose Handle. $45

Tibam Titanium Handle w/ matching Titanium Stand. Amazing quality and machining. 85mm in length. $89

2 User-grade Gillette’s and a new/unused Koa brush with 26mm Synthetic knot. Made by me! Finish isn’t perfect, but it’s a nice piece of wood that looks even better in person. I will donate all proceeds of this sale to Seattle Children’s Hospital. $35

Free blades with every purchase!

[Image: 7ce6271c5789e2c6ce4e3758b4f4bc1a.jpg]

[Image: 189277ed9dd80468c59c1a0040902852.jpg]

[Image: 33adef90b813e633cad3938d5230f497.jpg]

[Image: 1960645e6b8c0a87dcca90dd3d3e8c3d.jpg]

[Image: b19d170d5b85698cb021bcf0e4859688.jpg]

[Image: 03a14167e2966bc2403bec1ccfdd245a.jpg]

[Image: d2175c0f3f228fa95cc21eb8735e42d6.jpg]

[Image: 4ea7ceb13f7bf0bb4f9f591a0f32c514.jpg]

[Image: 1c6282b618708ccd0cb3fa0e7503cf37.jpg]

[Image: 81a6f5a80e41f0f50467be17d887a4d6.jpg]

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