02-21-2020, 09:19 PM
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Really liking Stirling lately and would like to trade these two for lightly used Stirling soaps:


-Murphy and McNeil Cat Sidhe, 5.5 oz, used 3-4x.


-Stirling Island Man, 5.8 oz., used 5-6x.


I’m interested in:


Deep Blue Sea


Gin and Tonic


Mountain Man

Ramblin’ Man

Sharp Dressed Man


Ideally I would like to trade two for two in a single transaction, but am willing to do one for one.



In the absence of Stirling, I would also be willing to trade for Mystic Water or these Mike’s Naturals:


Bergamot. Orange, Ylang-Ylang


Bay Rum


Orange, Cedarwood, Black Pepper

Pine and Cedarwood


Thank you…

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