02-22-2020, 06:50 PM
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Some things I thought I would never sell....Please PM interest, PayPal, First PM will prevail
1. UFO Titan Fine shave handle with certificate and tube. 85mm/58gr. I don't think these are made anymore. $250.00  SOLD
[Image: 3mfzpOa.jpg]

2. Asylum RX brushed stainless. Box included. Retail price is $230. It is $230.00. Reduced price on the Asylum...the razor is "as new"....$220.00. Okay $200.00. This is one of the best Artist Club razors. Usually sold out at Bullgoose.
[Image: pL52jhg.jpg]

3. Paradigm Titanium II polished. Box included. Retail price is $395.00 It is $395.00  SOLD
[Image: Iph3nbr.jpg]

4. Barbasol Floating Head. A very nice shave from the 1930's. The razor has been replated some time ago and never used. One of the nicest you will ever come across. $110.00 SOLD
[Image: ZItl29l.jpg]

5. Gillette Toggle. Gold without box. I have had this razor about 8 years and shaved very infrequently with it. Did not want to wear it out. Excellent condition. $235.00 Looked so good I shaved with it again and forgot how good it is. Keeping the Toggle.
[Image: DYsDmw7.jpg]

6. Timeless Open Comb, Scalloped Closed Comb (68) and Cap. The retail price is $80 for the cap, $110 for the scalloped closed comb and $100 for the Open Comb. The handle is a very unique Elite Razor done in Gray Bakelite. $300. At this price the handle is $10, normally $60. Used 3 or 4 times. Would sell the Timeless Razor cap, Open comb and Closed comb plates together without the handle for $260 which i is well below retail price.Pieces are pristine and as new. In looking at the Timeless pieces with a loop, can't say pristine and as new. Some slight wear marks. So $235 for the 3 pieces and $255 with the handle. Okay, one last reduction. $200 for the whole thing. The Timeless is a great razor and this gives you both the closed and open comb versions.
[Image: r29fVpA.jpg]

7. Triad (Toby) Titanium handle for a King Cobra. Toby is not making these handles anymore. $225.00 Reduced to $205.00. New the handle was $250. Handle is 70mm x 15mm and weighs 45gr. It replaces the black King Cobra handle. One last reduction to $175.00. This is really a nice upgrade to the King.
[Image: fpqpMM5.jpg]

8. Rocnel SE 50 sliding head....single edge head with a Triad (Toby) Titanium handle 90mm, 15mm diameter and 58 gr. $225.00. Will sell the SE 50 head for $75.00 and the Triad Titanium handle for $150.00 separatley.  SOLD
[Image: DTZUJtR.jpg]

9. Mongoose Generation I aluminum single edge razor head with a Bulldog aluminum handle (Not Mongoose). This razor head is out of production and I don't think ever coming back. Wonderful shave with Artist Club style blades. Mongoose is regarded as one of the best single edge razor heads. As new condition. $110.00[Reduced to $100.00. Last reduction to $90.00
[Image: w3WRuXs.jpg]

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 02-23-2020, 03:11 PM
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Some listed items changed slightly and some reduced prices. Thank you for looking.

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 02-24-2020, 02:20 PM
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Revised No.6, the Timeless Razor pieces.

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 02-26-2020, 09:35 PM
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Updated the remaining listings

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 02-27-2020, 07:19 AM
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Bump for an impressive collection that really should get bought up. Beautiful pieces here.

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