03-03-2020, 03:15 PM
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Want to sell Paladin 28MM El Dorado Vesuvius CLSD5. A BEAUTIFUL brush used3x very soft tips with excellent backbone. I paid $260. Sale Price $210. Rex Ambassador adjustable razor O3 series. I paid $250. Sale Price $175. [Image: 024fa105b034c81eb2db7ca5181d87f0.jpg][Image: 6a8d8d016bb9259658195b3927727019.jpg][Image: ebef2cc0b6e0d24a5565f6f80a4ebb12.jpg][Image: c75835c5a4df1034a4f63a31c674866a.jpg][Image: 144b2227d500f01255ec9634b7950770.jpg][Image: 7bdb935aec810c888fde96dcee2ee49b.jpg][Image: d17ee03c05e88a198f6eb62d642d2cd1.jpg]

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