03-04-2020, 03:22 PM
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I bought a vintage GEM Junior at an antique store for a “friend”.  Let’s just say it didn’t work out very well.  
I paid $15 and it seems that on eBay vintage GEMs are selling for more like $10.  I’m apparently stuck with it.  I’d give this Rube Goldberg device away, except I’d get busted for “selling” B4 being here for 30 days. 

SO...now that I am the rightful owner, I’m gonna shave with it!  I have questions!

After giving this monstrosity a thorough cleaning, what do I do with it?   I could always use it as a clothes pin...

I can’t believe that using a blade from Home Depot is a good idea.  The One Blade fellows have a Feather blade that I found on Amazon, as well as some GEM blades and I saw that KenShaves used a PAL carbon blade.

Anyone who’s a GEM guru, help out a reluctant vintage razor owner? 

[Image: oPmOohG.jpg]
[Image: SGUZCuF.jpg]

[Image: qmKRaYG.jpg][Image: RlX5YP1.jpg]

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 03-05-2020, 07:24 AM
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The 1912 versions are the razors I loan to SE newbies. Easy to find the correct angle as you ride the cap. I use GEM stainless steel PTFE coated blades almost exclusively but have also used carbon steel. Around here (Bismarck, ND) I can pickup carbon steel at CVS. If you would like to try the razor I could send a couple of blades to get started, or just send me the razor and I will make sure it gets a good home

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