03-06-2020, 02:08 PM
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A nice little lot of a few things gone unused.

• Vintage Code A1 Gillette Redtip in excellent condition. Brilliant shine all around. Red paint is mint with no scratches. Twist to open properly and tightens down as it should. 3 tiny blemishes on top cap which cannot be felt when rubbing your finger over.

• Merkur “heavy duty” 34c. With original box. Mint condition, never used.

• Semogue 610 boar bristle brush. Excellent condition, very sparsely used.

• W.S. Badger Co. Organic shave soap. New

Valued at $103. Yours for $60. PP & shipping included.
[Image: 801dd7e1ae916c399789653958d3584a.jpg][Image: 19bc5b8b87496e54f74a917f6ee4f152.jpg][Image: 4efa34f327181a77c769ed473b12187a.jpg]

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