03-21-2020, 01:03 PM
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Interesting update.
[Image: 5ZSVjPp.jpg]

Not the change of an ingredient, but a different formulation.
Some ingredients are lost, the ratio between the rest is changed, and new things are added.

The most interesting are:
  • Isostearic acid
    It combines the best of two worlds: the physical characteristics of Oleoic Acid and the chemical characteristics of Stearic Acid.
    It has the function of emollient and low viscosity co-emulsifier, deep hydration with dry effect.
  • Tucuma Butter (Astrocaryum vulgare)
    It comes from a palm tree of the same family of Murumuru, with whom it has qualities in common.
    The special feature is the silicone-like behavior, with camouflage "peach effect" properties even on difficult skin.
    Promotes the uptake of water, with a very delicate sensation on the skin.
    Rich in carotenoids (polyphenols), it has an antioxidant and protective action.
  • Ucuuba Butter (Virola Surinamensis)
    Extremely rich in Myristic Acid, it carries out anti-inflammatory and antiseptic activities.
    So it is perfect for impure skin or with a tendency to folliculitis or pseudo-folliculitis.
    Good anti-aging activity, dark color, dry consistency, woody fragrance is very suitable for men's cosmetics.
  • Sodium salt of Aminocides of Oats with Lauric Acid
    Softening and soothing activities, combined with a delicate selective cleansing effect very suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.
    It also offers a good foaming action, but with antistatic characteristics on the hair.
  • Vegetable Silicone derived from the Olive
    Excellent substitute for synthetic silicones, it produces softening effects thanks to nourishing phytocompounds.
    It leaves a protective and bright film on the skin, very stable and durable, with a dry and silky finish.
    The excellent skin penetration makes it quickly absorbable by the skin and an excellent vehicle for liposoluble active ingredients.
  • C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
    It has emollient properties, has a good ability to disperse and wet pigments, volatile silicones and other insoluble substances.
    In particular, it is an effective solvent to solubilize both physical and chemical filters, so it is ideal in the preparation of solar products.
    When applied to the skin, it has a good spreadability, leaves a dry and non-oily sensation and tends to decrease the wake effect.
    Therefore perfect complement with vegetable silicone.
  • Caprilile Glycol
    It comes from the milk of some mammals, as well as from palm and coconut oils.
    It is used as a conditioner, it has protective and emollient functions against the skin, moisturizing and moisturizing, smoothing.
    It has antimicrobial activity, and can be added to enhance the antimicrobial activity of other preservatives.
  • Ehylhexylglycerin
    Based on glycerin, it is used in cosmetics as an emollient humectant, it improves the skin sensation of cosmetic formulations.
    It inhibits the growth and multiplication of bacteria, without affecting the skin flora.
  • Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate
    This ingredient extracted from the seed of the Indian plant of Cassia angustifolia is composed of botanical heteropolysaccharides.
    It has better properties than conventional hyaluronic acid.
    Deeply moisturizes, helps reduce wrinkles and expression lines, softens the skin and increases its brightness.
All this leads to a harder pasta and with a better yield.
But above all to (incredibly !!!) better eudermic abilities.
If it didn't have such a high price, indecent int'l shipping costs, and the safe additional care of the Customs to Italy ... yesterday I would have taken this too !!!

I have used Aion for several days in a row.

Excellent mechanical characteristics, light fragrance.
It brilliantly exceeded all my expectations in the postshave.
The conditioning action of the skin is slow but marked, and develops in a few days.
After a week I no longer had wheals and other imperfections, and my dermatitis seemed to have disappeared.
This looks even better.

What do you think about it?

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 03-21-2020, 01:23 PM
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I like Mo and Groomingdept. My respect.

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 05-05-2020, 09:35 AM
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Mo is brilliant and a great guy to deal with.

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 05-05-2020, 12:27 PM
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Nai is the star of Grooming Dept line and Aion the star of Nai.

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 05-05-2020, 12:44 PM
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(05-05-2020, 12:27 PM)DanLaw Wrote: ... Aion the star of Nai.
I've not tried yet, but Grooming Dept “Formula Nai V2” technically is a better formulation.

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 05-05-2020, 06:36 PM
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These are my type of posts, thanks for your comparison and notes on the ingredients.

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 05-06-2020, 04:21 AM
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...and Aion immediately being reprised in Nai V2 because...Aion is the star of Nai

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