03-28-2020, 05:33 AM
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CRV Mixta Olivo Ámbar/Gal/Gillette Mach 3/
Aqua Velva
[Image: iLWMUl0.jpg]
Felices afeitados.
All the best.

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 03-28-2020, 06:11 AM
  • TomG
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[Image: p2jT1AC.jpg]

Prep:   Valobra Glycerlanolina soap, Myrsol Emulsion
Brush: Shavemac 3-band Silvertip Badger
Soap:   Ariana & Evans Grecial Horse
Razor: Blackland Blackbird (long handle)
Blade: Vintage NOS Gillette Swede (1)
Post:  Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel
Scent:TOBS Sandalwood Cologne

An absolutely life-affirming shave.  I love the appearance and performance of my newly acquired long handle Blackbird in machined finish.
The Blackbird and vintage Gillette Swede chuckled with contempt at my coarse 5 day growth, and effortlessly scythed me smooth.
I was at DFS after two passes, but the shave was going so wonderfully well that I performed a third ATG pass for a BBS finish.

The old world charm of the TOBS sandalwood cologne was a great way to finish.

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 03-28-2020, 06:15 AM
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Saturday, March 28
[Image: q2PR09s.jpg]
AoS Lavender~~Simpson Emperor 3~~1941 Gillette Ranger Tech~~Voskhod
Have a great day!

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 03-28-2020, 06:46 AM
  • clint64
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March 28, 2020
Karve OC D Plate
RV Briar with Shavemac Finest
MdC Agrumes
Myrsol Agua de Limon

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 03-28-2020, 06:59 AM
  • Gabe
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 03-28-2020, 09:26 AM
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Saturday AM 2020-03-28

Rooney Emillion 1 Porcelain Finest (24/51)
Art of Shaving Rose Absolute shaving cream (vintage) 
Wolfman WR1-SB/UFO U2
Wilkinson London Bridge (8)
Guerlain Habit Rouge aftershave

The cream, just opened, is old enough to have solidified, although it still smells good.  The jar is too small for direct brush loading, so I am going to use filtered water to reconstitute to cream consistency for next time.  The blade is already dragging, unusual at shave #8 in a Wolfman and arguing against my previous opinion that the London Bridge is the same as a Light Brigade.  So not quite a great shave, but still good, especially with Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 (the 'Elvira Madigan Concerto' for those old enough to remember the movie). 
[Image: jlsxnTA.jpg]

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 03-28-2020, 10:48 AM
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Paladin Lemon Drop/ GD "Island in the sun" set/ Oneblade Copper/ SC Integrity balm

[Image: 815f16bd4fca129509ad992825095bcc.jpg]

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 03-28-2020, 11:44 AM
  • NJDJ
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Wolfman WR2 105 SB WRH3/7 SS - Morris & Forndran 3XL Tortoise - Nuavia Blu - Chatillon Lux Gratiot League Square AS

[Image: wEfjz2S.jpg]

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 03-28-2020, 03:02 PM
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03/28/20 Shave of the Day
Face Wash with Expedition Soaps - Spice it Up! - Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Boomtown Bay Rum Shampoo & Conditioner Puck
The Club Black Birch Stout Premium Shave Soap Made with Guinness Beer
Badger & Blade 10th Anniversary 22mm Blonde Boar Shaving Brush with Black/Gold Flake Handle - 1st use
Creative Flame Pottery Stoneware Shaving Scuttle
Gillette M2 Gen 1 Slim Adjustable Razor - Setting 4 & 7
Bolzano Superinox Blade - 8th Shave
Laboratoires Osma Pure Potassium Alum Block
Thayers Alcohol Free Lavender Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera
The Club Black Birch Stout Aftershave Splash to Cleanse Your Soul
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements High Jump 47 Soothing Aftershave Balm
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Boomtown Bay Rum Natural Deodorant - Sport Formula

[Image: CyS6ydj.jpg]

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 03-28-2020, 03:06 PM
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(03-28-2020, 05:08 AM)Jasjr1970 Wrote: [Image: 20Jcxoe.jpg][Image: u87t4Hk.jpg]

Wow! Who made that brush? Looks like a nice knot with great backbone too.

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