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Just tried the Haircut & Shave N075 with Al Hardcote Baseplate - SPECTACULAR!  Bargain basement priced yet high quality Wolfman WR2 0,95 fighter - if one prefers a mild yet efficient shaver without a lot of tactile feedback, this is a great way to save a few hundred dollars compared to the Wolfman WR2 0,95 and 1,05.  The craftsmanship is quite good, especially at under $200 and the new finish a nice contrast to the super polished P076 17-4.  For those with the SS plate, you simply must explore the Al Hardcote plate which will be available separately for $60.  All, including those already owning the full SS version, are invited to participate.  Step right up and try this sexy hybrid!  PM directly to sign up.

For those with the N075SS version, we are conducting a separate Al baseplate only passaround - PM directly to sign up.

Cutting Edge is supplying soap in this H&S passaround and requiring trailers to scoop out what they need without puck loading.  Cutting Edge is a new artisan run by dfoulk of soap passaround fame

Want to take 2 more shaves before posting a separate detailed review in a passaround thread

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