04-02-2020, 08:13 PM
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Looking for either HTGAM (How to Grow a Moustache) or PAA (Phoenix Artisan Acoutrements) CHOCOLATE BOURBON shaving soap or another LPL (vegetable based depending on the scent), or a vegetable based soap or cream with a linen or a rain type scent. Also would consider a cream such as O'Melhor. If you have another vegetable based, non-menthol soap or cream, feel free to ask. Thanks

I have a  Le Pere Lucien (LPL) Cedre-Patchouli tin that's difficult to say how much has been used because the new tins aren't filled to the top... looks like to me that it's  a little over half full, but I simply can't tell (this is the large tin that started with 7 oz product) - $32.30 new.  Also, an NOS vintage tallow Williams soap made back in the day when it was really good soap. The Asylum Royal Fougere is already traded.

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