04-12-2020, 04:00 PM
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Offering this beautiful, polished brass Karve. Pics do not do it justice! Retail they run $81.47 shipped to the US and are NOT polished! I took the time and material to do so. This was my go to for a little while but I've since moved on to another DE and don't reach for it anymore. Still a fantastic shave! This one comes with the C plate and the 3.5 inch handle (3.6 to be precise).

Asking $80. Price includes CONUS shipping. PM me with any questions!

[Image: JKorK28.jpg]
[Image: dHyRLD4.jpg]
[Image: yOfefMF.jpg]
[Image: 8bgvGj5.jpg]
[Image: UF9Wol7.jpg]
[Image: LRQa25j.jpg]
[Image: deMalp5.jpg]

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 04-12-2020, 04:16 PM
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Sold. Please archive. Thanks TSN!

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