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In Italy from 2011 there's a big shop, The Goodfellas' Smile by Barbieri Riuniti Srl.
Similar to RazoRock's Italian Barber, is the shop of the producer.

TGS have lots of products with its firma.
Most of wich are soaps (and relative aftershaves).
Recently have created two new lines:
• hard shaving soap
• Formula AJ1 shaving cream (italian soap, croap)

I found more interesting the first.
But I've not tried them at the moment.

The Formula AJ1 is a hot method soap, with lots of good fats.
They claim an innovative and different way to mix components.
More than 35% of the total, It's pure and certified oils:
• Argan
• Jojoba
• Sweet Almond *
• Coconut
* Note: when pure, this oil has no allergens

Thanks to my mate Andrea_SDL@ilRasoio, I have a sample of "Amber Fougere" in the new Formula AJ1.
[Image: B8Cgu4Q.jpg]

The first use was good, for the mechanics.
As expected, a full-bodied and easily mountable foam.
An average primary lubrication, a (decidedly) poor secondary lubrication.

I expected a poor conditioning result, so I added some products in support.
I must say, however, that it is not so bad, so tomorrow I will try alone if I replicate the result.
Obviously I don't cry out to the miracle.
But I had no problems.
This is already a good result for me.
Other "water-based" creams do worse.

The sore point (for me, really!!) is the perfume.
The manufacturer's website is absolutely vague.
Laconic brings back a Floral - Amber - Musk fragrance.
In reality it is so poorly defined that I don't hear any of these notes.
To my nose the perfume is talc, slightly stale.
Almost a mold early on.
Not inviting.

The real test is on yield.
So I will continue in the next few days.
When you say love for knowledge.

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