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Today I could not resist a very simple purchase.  I was in the Dollar Tree store looking for face masks and came across the cheapest DE I ever saw - the Assured Double-Edge Safety Razor.  $1 + $0.06 tax for a razor and 5 blades.  It doesn't look like much, but I could not resist the temptation to see how well such a cheap product could shave.  Some time in the near future I will need to break it out with some Williams and go for the most no frills shave I could put together.  I assume as long as I make sure the blade is aligned properly, it will provide decent results, but we shall see how my experiment goes.  Hopefully curiosity does not kill the cat face!

[Image: zjyN258.jpg]
[Image: mJq3lt8.jpg]

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 05-30-2020, 07:50 AM
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(05-14-2020, 05:48 PM)chazt Wrote: Haven’t used it yet, Ricardo. On initial sniff it’s somewhat reminiscent of P-Red AS splash which I enjoy quite a bit. I’ll check it out more thoroughly over the next week or so. The Snake Bite may be the real sleeper here. Initial use is encouraging!

That initial sniff of the Fine AS from the bottle was deceiving, having come perhaps a minute or so after sniffing the Proraso splash. Should have done the sniff test in reverse order, I suppose.

That said, they are not similar, other than being Sandalwood. I’ve used both a few times since this post. The Fine AS is clearly channeling the scent of my puck of tallow AoS Sandalwood soap. There is a bit of menthol in the mix for a refreshing face feel, which is not objectionable in the least. I’d say that if you want to go with a theme, the Fine Santal Absolut should be paired with the AoS soap.

The Proraso Sandalwood AS splash does not smell exactly like the P-red soap, cream and pre/post balm, which to my nose/brain all smell the same. Fwiw, the balm may be the strongest scented of those three products imo. The aftershave is more lightly scented than the other products. While it is similar and clearly a member of the family, there is a difference. I like the Proraso splash a lot and Gayle has grown accustomed to me using it. I’ve become fond enough of it that I bought a backup from Phil, which just arrived yesterday with a few new soaps and a cream.

But back to point, like I said, other than being takes on sandalwood, Fine and P-red are not very similar. The scent of the Fine, while perhaps being slightly stronger out of the bottle relative to the Proraso, also lasts longer into the day. A 7:30am shave will find the P-red gone by 9, 9:30. I get vague reminders of the Fine AS well into the early, sometimes mid afternoon.

Snake Bite update elsewhere, another time.


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