05-12-2020, 05:09 AM
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Each listed price includes shipping in CONUS.  Please see descriptions beside each.  If more pictures are needed and can provide those later today.

1) SOLD - Asylum Rx - $170 $160.  Razor is in great condition and is the non-polished version.  Retail new is $230 but is currently sold out.
[Image: N262S1K.jpg]
[Image: YkxU3Lc.jpg]

2) SOLD - Carbon Shaving Cx 316L (stainless steel) - $165 $160.  I picked this up from the discount section for $189 and have used it only a couple of times.  I liked it enough to pick up another so don't need both.  I don't notice any obvious flaws in the razor but there appears to be a couple of marks on the handle.  Please note that this is from the discount section and as such a close examination might reveal some other minor flaws.

[Image: 4Jx1UkL.jpg]

3) SOLD - Timeless Aluminum - $65.  Nice razor that I used for couple of shaves.  I just prefer razors with a bit more weight.  New the cost is $75.

[Image: 8dJAwmH.jpg]

4) Above the Tie Aluminum - $115 $105. - Includes the Calypso handle along with M2, R1 and H1 plates.  New the cost is $163.  I have used the M2 plate once and R1 plate once.  The H1 plates is unused (from memory).  Again, I just prefer a bit more weight in my razors.
[Image: Hz33yQe.jpg]

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