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As returning readers might recall, I have in the past reviewed several of the offerings from Pereira Shavery, a Portuguese maker of shaving soaps with activated charcoal and other shaving accoutrements. Recently I was lucky enough to receive - or free - a tub of Pereira Shavery’s latest soap; the Baron’s Choice. This soap is according to the letter I got with it intended as a less expensive soap than their awesome shaving soap with activated charcoal, the soap should be available for – and I quote the letter that came with the soap – “well below ten bucks”.

[Image: 2020-05-01-08.39.34-scaled.jpg][Image: 2020-05-01-08.40.56.jpg][Image: 2020-05-01-08.39.45-scaled.jpg][Image: 2020-05-01-08.39.50-scaled.jpg]

Packaging is not fancy, but the lid does close tightly, preventing the soap from drying out. Added points of the embossed logo in the soap itself.
The packaging is quite different from Pereira’s other offerings, yellow and black as opposed to the white with either blue or black print, and without the pear tree logo. This helps separate the tub from the more expensive soaps they offer, which can be good or bad depending on your point of view. On the downside it can mean that you don’t connect the soap to Pereira, but on the upside it helps point out that this is a new brand from Pereira. On a shop shelf, for instance in a barbershop – the yellow packaging will help the soap stand out. When all is said and done this is one of those things where everyone will have an opinion, and there is no one true answer – and it really don’t matter for me since the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Or rather; the proof of the soap is in the lather.

[Image: 2020-05-06-05.59.24-scaled.jpg][Image: 2020-05-06-05.59.35-1-scaled.jpg][Image: 2020-05-04-06.36.51-scaled.jpg][Image: 20200508_065126-scaled.jpg]

Almost a week worth of lather from Baron’s Choice
And when it comes to making lather, the Baron’s Choice delivers copiously. While there is some differences in ingredients compared to their Water Blossom with charcoal – see the pictures below – there is very little difference in how easy it is to load and lather. I loaded for about fifteen seconds, and was rewarded with enough lather for two passes and enough leftover for a third one should I so desire.

[Image: 2020-05-01-08.40.23.jpg][Image: 2020-05-01-08.41.57.jpg]

Comparison of the ingredients of Baron’s Choice and Pereia Shavery’s water blossom shaving soap with activated charcoal
The scent of the soap is pleasant; a fairly complex but light flower scent that passed muster with my Better Half with flying colours. Some shavers might prefer heavier scenting of their soaps, but to me this is just about perfect; the scents lingers until I’m done shaving, and does not interfere with any aftershave I wish to use.

The actual shaves itself was, how to put it, remarkable unremarkable. No nick, no cuts, no shave burn… just smooth shaving with plenty of glide and cushion. A very pleasant and relaxing shave as the scent of the soap opened up and gently embraced my face as I removed the stubble. The post shave feel is also a good, with no noticeable drying out of my skin nor leaving me with a greasy face.

Compared to Pereia’s other offerings, Baron’s Choice has a little less slip and cushion – however I had to shave with their regular soap with activated charcoal to notice the difference.

A quick summary of my finds and opinions:
  • Presentation: Functional, with a lid that closes tight so the soap wont dry out.
  • Scent: Subtle yet complex, opens up significantly when lathered.
  • Latherability: Easy to lather, forgiving when it comes to the ratio of water.
  • Slickness: Little less than their shaving soap with charcoal, but still among the slickest soaps I’ve tried.
  • Cushion: On par with Mike’s Natural Soap, which I use as my benchmark.
  • Post shave feel: Neither greasy nor dry.
Is Baron’s Soap a good shaving soap? Indeed it is, even more so when you take the projected price point into account; it simply punches above it’s weight class. Keep an eye on their website – PereiraShavery.com – to catch it as it’s released.

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 05-14-2020, 03:40 AM
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Hans, thanks for a helpful review.

The ingredients in the soaps appear identical, except that the original release has charcoal powder.  Additionally, the scent description for both soaps is described as "water blossom."  They may he the same soaps, except for the charcoal and packaging.

I went through two containers of the original charcoal release, and found it to be a good soap with a nice, light scent.  At under $10, this new release will be an excellent value.  However, it may under cut sales of their original charcoal soap.

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 05-14-2020, 04:13 AM
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While the main difference seems to be the deletion of the charcoal, although I suspect the ratio between other ingredients is tweaked as well - either that, or my other Pereira soaps have changed slightly as they age. Compared to the charcoal soap, the Baron's Choice have a little less cushion, and seems slightly less slippery.

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