05-22-2020, 06:46 AM
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Hi people.  I have duplicates of Palmolive shave sticks, La Toja shave sticks and a cream that I’m looking too trade.  

All are brand new unused.   
[Image: mqguekY.jpg]
I’m looking for something menthol.  Or,  anyone has the B&M recent menthol release or recent release of the Petit Chypre reboot, make up any $$ difference for those two items.   
Let me know what you got!

N.B.   I will politely decline proraso.  

Value of products are 
La Toja are $7.50 each at Bullgoose 
Palmolive is $4 each eat Bullgoose 
Barbon cream retail in the US is $8 per tube.

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