05-28-2020, 08:06 AM
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Hello everyone, hope all is staying safe and well.

I'd like to trade my PDP Original scent shaving soap (used roughly 5 times) as this scent isn't doing me any justice. I love the performance, but am not digging the scent as I do not enjoy this type of scent (reminds me of Christmas). 

I'd like to trade for other French triple milled soaps that are similar to the PDP performance range 
- or -
any herbal/natural scented soaps. I'm willing to pay extra if there's a difference in value. 

Please message me and leave a comment if you did.
Thank you everyone and have a great day.


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 06-01-2020, 07:25 AM
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No longer willing to trade. Mods, please remove/archive post for me. Thank you very much and happy Monday.

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